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Virtual Assistants: Reach Your Ideal Clients with Your Content


As a virtual assistant, it’s important to use proven marketing tactics to get in front of your ideal client. Before you run away screaming because I used the word “marketing,” just hear me out. It doesn’t have to be this overwhelming, scary thing.

A great way to connect with prospective clients and let your personality shine is through content marketing.


What is content marketing?

It’s all about creating new and valuable content that your target audience wants to consume. This content can come in many forms, and you can choose the medium that you’re most comfortable with. We’ll get into more detail about that later.

You can share this content through blog posts or a newsletter sent out to your list. In fact, you could do both if you like. If you blog regularly, send the latest posts to your list.


Why is content marketing important to your virtual assistant business?

  • It’s a great SEO strategy because Google loves fresh content on your blog. It will very likely get you noticed.
  • Writing about your niche will help establish you as an expert. Potential clients will learn that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to the services that you have to offer.
  • Regularly creating fresh material will help keep you top of mind, especially if you have a mailing list of current and potential clients and you share this information with them.
  • When you share your content via social media, it expands your reach.
  • It helps to build your know, like and trust factor.
  • Someone may be on your list or following your blog for quite some time before they decide to purchase your services. Regularly creating content will help them remember you when they do need you.


What kind of content should you create?

  1. You can write brief articles or blog posts that solve one problem that your ideal clients face. Make it super helpful and actionable.
  2. Give your take on a hot topic in your target market’s industry.
  3. Write a case study post on how you helped one of your clients and share the results they had from working with you.
  4. Did you come up with an idea for a post but then found an article that someone else already wrote about it? You can write from your point of view, reference the original article (giving credit to the author) and add some new points or a fresh perspective on the topic.
  5. Interview someone in your target market industry.
  6. Write a how-to or tips post, walking your readers through a problem that you solve for them.
  7. Write about yourself—some little known facts. Your audience will get to know you.
  8. Write about tools, apps or software that will save your readers time and/or money. You can even include your affiliate link for the products.
  9. Write a book or product review that would interest your readers.
  10. Write to let them know of specials or coupons you’re offering for your services.
  11. Invite others to guest post for you.
  12. Write a Q&A post with answers to frequently asked client questions.
  13. Write a roundup post of the best blogs for your readers to follow.


What if you don’t consider yourself a writer?

Maybe writing isn’t your favorite thing, or you’re not sure that you have time to add content marketing to your already full schedule. You do have other options that are just as powerful, if not more.

You could record a video or audio post. Video is doing fabulously well right now. And audio is a great option for people on the go who just have enough time to listen to something.

Create an infographic on a topic. These types of images are visually appealing and very shareable.

If you want to stick with the written word, but don’t want to do it yourself, you can hire a ghost writer. There are a lot of talented people for hire who specialize in certain industries.

If you do like writing, but you’re pressed for time, you can make use of PLR (private label rights content). Start with a topic that would interest your readers, tweak the PLR content and then add your own insights.


Final thoughts:

Above all, the most important thing about content marketing is that you create something that your target market is interested in and that they would find really helpful. If you’re not feeling inspired one day, don’t blog just to blog.


You want to provide value to your readers.


And don’t forget to share the awesome content that you create! It’s not enough just to publish a new blog post. Share it via your social media channels, more than once. Tell your list about it. Add it to your email signature. People need the information that you have to offer, so don’t be afraid to share it with them!


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Written by Alicia Jay
Alicia helps new and would-be Virtual Assistants establish their businesses. You can find lots of helpful tips on her website and by following her on Twitter @newVAadvice
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