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13 Essential Chrome Extensions for Virtual Assistants

13 Essential Chrome Extensions for

Working from home doesn't’ mean that you need to work without the fancy office computer and all the easy apps that it comes with. With Google Chrome Extensions you can work easily with all the best extensions, right from your home.

Boomerang.- Not ready to respond or send an email right away? Use this to remind you to send an email when you need.

boomerang This keeps track of the results of your normal email activity and over time determines which times are best to send emails to a certain person.


WiseStamp- Create an email signature that is really unique to you or your company.


Sidekick- Tells you who and when opened your email. Additionally, when you send an email, the Sidekick sidebar will pop up on the screen and pull up relevant social media information of your contact.


Rapportive- Get all of your email contacts information directly from LinkedIn


Full Contact- Similar to Sidekick, but it has the added feature of showing our contact’s location and time zone, which can be very helpful when scheduling emails.

full contact Finding times where both parties are available for a meeting is nearly impossible. In the actual email you’re sending, you enter the length of time required for the meeting, then click on the free time in your calendar. The plugin formats the different time options so that the other party can just click on a time that works for them, and the meeting will be automatically set.

ActiveInbox- Emails pile up, but with this plug in, it sets priority dates for when you have to deal with things.

active inbox

AwayFind- This extension is brilliant. If you find yourself constantly checking your email for that one specific response, this extension will eliminate all that wasted time. It will send you  text or phone call with the text of that email.

away find

The Email Game- This is just for fun. The bar fills up as you respond to emails, so you can track your progress.

the email game

HelloSign for Gmail- sign documents directly from your Gmail account

hello sign for gmail

Share As Image Extension- design social media images and share them in seconds

share as image

FullContact for Gmail™- Another extension that adds full contact information to all your email contacts.

Got any other extensions worth checking out? Let me know in the comments below!

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