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6 Invaluable Job Hunting Tools for Students

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Graduation is an exciting time but that means job hunting, which can be scary and stressful. The competition for jobs is strong, but with the following tools you can stay ahead of the game.

After College- This website was created for students that don't have a particular career path in mind. It helps them find job openings in fields that are based on their majors or that interest them. After College has a comprehensive list of over 20,000 companies with job openings.


WiseStamp- Create a professional email signature that stands out to possible future employees.


EKnowID- Background checks are very common in the job hiring process. With this website, you can perform a full background check on yourself so you can see what potential employers are seeing about you.


JobCompass- A huge part of the job search is finding a job that is easy enough to travel to. JobCompass searches through the thousand of jobs in the field you want, that are near the location you choose.


Pocket Resume- This is an app that allows users to create, update, edit, and email their resumes strait from their mobile device. You no longer need to format your resume, as this app allows for quick edits and exports your resume as a PDF or RTF file, straight from your pocket.


iPQ Career Planner- This app helps you find your ideal job by offering assessment tests and narrowing down the search by evaluating your strengths and weaknesses. It also gives great interviewing and tips and career advice.


Know of any other tools to help out in the job hunt? Let us know in the comments below!

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