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Real Estate Marketing: The Thank You Marketing Strategy

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Trivia Question:  What is a marketing strategy that costs very little money, makes people smile and tell other people, scalable, and makes you a better person all at the same time?  Give up?

Answer:  The Thank You Marketing Strategy

The Thank You Marketing Strategy is a strategy I’ve created to help build my network.  I’d like to share my nifty marketing strategy on WiseStamp  because I know it will help thousands of Realtors wanting to expand their network too!

Most Realtors will tell you; the size of the network often dictates the size of the bank account.  Unfortunately, building a network can be extremely expensive and time consuming.  I realized this when trying to build my network in a new location (I recently moved the family from West Palm Beach, Florida to Kennesaw, Georgia).  The move forced me to start over with my networking.

When thinking about my networking goals, I realized I could expand my reach quickest with email. I knew the email was the key.  But how do you start a real relationship over email without sounding desperate or spammy?  Simple.  It’s a thank you email.

I realize a thank you email is nothing new.  In fact, many of the top salesmen in the country send hand-written thank you notes every day.  Joe Girard, the Guinness Book World Record Holder for sales, wrote thousands of thank you cards every day to all his customers.  He claims those thank you letters were the backbone of his success.  If Joe Girard tells me thank you letters were the key to his success, I’m listening (and so should you).

However, as a Realtor, you might not have hundreds of clients.  If you’re a new Realtor, you definitely don’t have many clients.  So how do you send thank you notes to clients you don’t have?

My solution to that problem is simply thanking anyone and everyone you have a chance to thank.  If you sit down and think about five people you could thank from your day yesterday, you might have a tough time.  But if you really think it about, it gets pretty easy.  Did you get your haircut at your local barber?  Was it a good haircut?  Send him/her an email thanking them.  Did you get your oil changed and receive excellent service?  Send an email thanking them.  Did you finish reading a good book?  Send an email to the author thanking them.

Start by sending five thank you emails a day.  It takes less than two minutes to send a decent thank you email.  Spend 10-20 minutes sending five emails a day.  That’s it.

Why does this work?

Several reasons.  First, everyone enjoys a sincere “thank you.”  It doesn’t take much to tell someone thank you, but a genuine “thank you” is often neglected.

You know the feeling you receive when you receive a hand-written thank you card.  You’re sending that same feeling five times a day – every day.  It works because you’ll start a relationship the right way.

What does thanking someone have to do with networking?

If you expect the Thank You Marketing Strategy to convince someone to buy/sell a house with you, your expectations are too high.  However, if you know anything about Joe Girard’s 250 rule (The average person has 250 people that would show up at their wedding or funeral), you know the 250 rule is the biggest factor of the Thank you Marketing Strategy.

When you send someone a thank you note, there is a good chance that person knows 250 other people in their network.  The Thank You note is your barrier to entry into their network.  A simple thank you note tears down the wall of distrust and starts an active conversation that has no bounds.

Tips on the Thank You emails:

  • Keep it short, but sincere.  Two or three paragraphs and straight to the point
  • Never ask for a referral or even talk about real estate
  • Use the WiseStamp email signature to show off your professionalism

Why the email signature is necessary

The email signature is a subtle, yet extremely effective way of saying “Look at me” without saying “look at me.”  The first time I received an email from someone using the WiseStamp signature template, I was floored.  Instantly, I was in love and knew this was something I had to have.  Here is my current signature:

Email Signature for Realtors

Besides my ugly face, it’s a magnificent looking signature!  I’ve realized the signature is often just as important as the email itself.  This is the biggest difference between my Thank You marketing system and Joe Girard’s thank you hand-written system.  The signature is click bait and if the signature is eye-catching enough, you’ll have people clicking on your website.

I urge you to try the Thank You Marketing Strategy for one month.  Send out a minimum of 100 thank you emails.  You’re going to meet some fantastic people and eventually turn your network into a client generating machine.

Has The Thank You Strategy worked for you? Let me know in the comments.

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Written by Rich Spaulding
Rich helps real estate agents garner more leads from their websites by using winning SEO, PPC, Social Media and email marketing tactics. Visit his site for lots of great ideas and inspiration
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