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Mapping Tools for Realtors – Bring Your Clients Home


realtor with map, The 9 Best Mapping Tools for Realtors

As a realtor you want to provide your clients with the best experience possible in their search for a new home. Your clients are not looking for just a house or an apartment, they are also in search of the perfect neighborhood and community to match their lifestyle.

With the right mapping tools you can offer your clients all of the information that they need about the areas in which your properties are located, allowing them to make a more informed decision. Your clients will no doubt be impressed by your efforts and professionalism.

These 7 mapping tools will allow you to present your clients with all of the information that is relevant to their search for a house or apartment, in a clear and efficient manner.

1. Click2map

Click2map is a web & mobile app that takes any geographic area and lets you add and customize all the data you need. You don’t need any programming skills, but all the maps you create will look as professional as possible.

What gives Click2Map its real edge is the mobile app features. Aside from letting you access your maps offline via your mobile, Click2Map lets you add and derive info from the map’s markers completely on the spot. When you’re at the marker location, you can upload info and photos to the map as you see them.

Maps are fully manageable (and can also be created) via the app.

All your map markers can include photos, too.

This map could be perfect for showing a group of clients (either by correspondence, in-office or on-site) the collection of sites you have in mind as well as photos of each individual one.

2. Decamaps

Decamaps bridges maps of the past (aka paper maps) with the digital world. Decamap is made for the times where you need to edit or customize a mapped area, but the map-size you need exceeds your mobile or tablet screen.

In practice, this means that instead of doing individual screenshots of all the places you want to create maps for, DecaMaps builds one map for all your locations -- even if they can’t be viewed on your screen at once.

One large DecaMap can fit as many locations as 16 sheets of blank paper would!

When you have heaps of information and data to show potential buyers, Decamaps can make your communication so much simpler, and your carrying load much lighter!

3. Routes; Maps and Places HD

Routes; Maps and Places HD is the iPhone solution for when you need directions but you don’t have Data or Wifi options. As long as you put in the origin and destination in advance, it will have your directions ready for you when you’re no longer web-accessible.

When you’re showing customers several properties in one meeting, or when you’re traveling around to see new properties for the first time, you just may need a little extra help with the navigation.

Routes integrates with Dropbox for storage, and the app interface is integrated with Google Maps -- so you’re already familiar with the map style, and it’s as if you’re using Google Maps live.

4. ROUTE 66 Navigate

ROUTE 66 is an (exclusively) Android app that uses TomTom maps and adds specific traffic input like lane guidance and speed limits. ROUTE 66 is great for any occasion, but it’s especially useful for people like new drivers, or anybody who’s driving in an area that they’re not familiar with.

ROUTE 66 Navigate’s best purpose for realtors is when you or your client(s) need extra guidance of how to get to a new place or property for the first time. Potential buyers may even be traveling cross-country to see your offerings, and they may not be familiar with the local traffic laws etc.

Alternatively, ROUTE 66 Navigate is great for OCD drivers who are super pedantic about speed limits!

5. SaraGEO

SaraGEO is an iOS app that focuses on creating maps with crowdsourcing. SaraGEO basically uses Map creation as a way to meet people with mutual interests in the places you like. Once you map your favorite places (by pinning them), you’ll be told of other people who feel the same way about these spots.

This app is great for users to use with colleagues, so that you can improvise and brainstorm about how to make real estate tours more efficient and enjoyable for both the realtor and the buyer.

By pinning your favorite places, you’ll also find out about other cool things in the area that fellow pinners have also favorited.

Lastly, you can then meet up with your co-pinners and meet people based on the places you both like.

6. MyTrails

MyTrails is made for (but not exclusively) for mappers looking to hike, ride, cycle, run, ski, etc. In other words, special purpose maps. It’s on Google Play.

The tech features for this app are plenty:

  • Premium topo maps (such as Tour & Trail)

  • Allows you to view the maps you need smoothly and clean even if there are tons of track points that could (but won’t) clutter your view.

  • Stats and graphs for visualizing and tracking your activity

  • Display several colored GPS tracks at once

  • Many more!

Although realtors don’t always need to be updated on such in-depth geographical details, if your supervisor is educating you about a new region for property interests, you may need to know information re: climate, ecosystems, and overall geography.

Here’s your personal teacher!

7. Animaps -- an add-on to Google’s MyMaps

Animaps is an add-on for Google’s MyMaps. Animaps adds an assortment of interactive and customizable features to the maps you’ve already created on MyMaps.

Animaps comes in the form of an online web tool, and by creating an Animaps account (or creating one via Facebook), you can import maps and share your own creations, as well as search the public collection of maps from Google MyMaps.

Sometimes when you have a long list of properties and data to organize, you need your materials to be as customized as can be so that you have all the information and resources you need.

What Animaps lets you add to your personal maps:

  • Animated markers, shapes and links to better emphasize your map’s details

  • images and text inside your map that pop up on cue

  • Send your maps to friends in video format

  • Embed them

An especially cool feature is the file importing options.

You can import:

  • photos from Facebook, Picasa, and Flickr.

  • Tweets

  • Facebook status updates

  • TCX, GPX, and KML/KMZ files

All maps can be shared via hyperlinks and embedding.

Which mapping tools have you used? How have they helped you? 

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Orlee is a B2B Content Writer in the hi-tech world. Originally hailing from NYC, she's a cold brew connoisseur. Writing is her forte, and she became a storyteller before she learned how to tie her shoelaces.
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