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9 Twitter Realtor Influencers to Start Following Today

Twitter is a great place to be to connect with house hunters in your area, keep up with market research, trends tips and recommendations as well as connect with influential realtors that provide insight, inspiration and great advice.

Finding  influencers, following them, commenting and retweeting their tweets is a great way to start building a relationship. Starting an interesting conversation with influencers can also help get them to follow you, as can publishing great content about the industry.

Here are the 9 real estate influencers to start following today.

1. Gerald Golden: @GeraldGoldenSD



  • truly impressive following (>30,000 followers!)
  • fun, inspirational and informational Twitter feed
  • a social media believer and its power to influence potential customers
  • truly interested in promoting San Diego as a city and a community rather than just trying to push real estate

2. Coy Davidson: @CoyDavidsonCRE: “The Tenant Advisor”


  • has a very large following (>25,000)
  • focuses on office/corporate/medical space but is also interested in company culture as a whole in the workspace
  • has a niche market, but hisinteresting feed also highlighting national corporate news and its influences on the real estate market

3. Tara Jacobson: @TARAdactyl


  • an impressive following (>20,000)
  • a marketing consultant who focuses on small business owners and the real estate industry
  • sees social media as a very important platform to help expand business, but keeps her feed fun: mix of helpful articles on marketing, motivational quotes, and her pursuit of personal passion (writing)

4. Chris Yates: @CMYates


  • has a HUGE following:  (119,000)
  • his feed is full of news tidbits and thoughtful pieces on the real estate market, accompanied by a concise header
  • provides lots of advice about the market, as well as motivational posts and helpful recaps of the weeks’ posts

5. James Kendall: @KendallCRE


  • has a small following (>2000), but such a fun feed
  • focuses on luxury items, as well as only-to-dream-about properties

6. Bill Gassett: @massrealty


  • a healthy following (>24,000)
  • a prolific tweeter
  • passes along articles packed with good advice about being a real estate broker and how to deal with common client situations, as well as tweeting about finds in his area
  • articles are simple, well thought out, practical and helpful - Examples: recent articles about buying and selling a home at the same time – important things to know, condos vs homes: pros and cons about each

 7. Nela Richardson: @NelaRichardson


a small following (>1000) but no doubt she’ll become much trendier

delivers real estate with a social conscience

interested in national influences on the local housing market, as well as on a more macro urban planning level

her tweets are interesting and pertinent 

8. Barbi Reuter: @BarbiReuter


  • modest following (>9000)
  • never hesitates to thank the people promoting her
  • passes on helpful articles on both marketing strategies and real estate, such as: what is the optimal length for video content and the multigenerational impact on commercial real estate
  • promotes and supports women power in businesses

9. Paul Sian: @PaulPsian


  • smallish following (3800) but he’ll take off
  • fun twitter feed: his articles are accompanied by cute/funny/eye-catching photographs, and they are clear, concise and helpful (ex: “21 important to know real estate terms!!”)
  • full of helpful articles and the occasional beautiful picture just for the fun of it
  • big fan of retweeting other relevant real estate articles
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Written by Liat Behr
Liat is a content wordsmith at WiseStamp and copywriter at Ink of Imagination. She delights in creating and sharing valuable tips and helping businesses craft effective content. When she’s not writing content, she can be found in the world of fiction, embarking on adventures with her characters.
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