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11 Best Chrome Extensions for Photographers

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Photography is not just about taking a camera or the new iPhone 6 and snapping a picture. Getting the perfect picture requires editing, adjusting, adding effects and possibly filters. Having a good camera and perfect lighting is not all that you need. With these Google Chrome extensions, your photo editing and organizing will be transformed.

Pixlr Editor- This extension will grab your photos straight from your computer and comes equipped with the basic editing tools. It also comes with different effects and filters to perfect your pictures even more.


WiseStamp- Create an email signature that is really unique to you or your company or photography business.


Hover Zoom- This extension allows you to hover over any photo and will immediately zoom in. No more waiting for the photo to load.


Picasa- This extension works very well with Chrome. It comes with tons of effects and an option to make collages. You can easily share and email photos and even tag your friends.


Flickr- This very popular extension, allows photographers to easily edit pictures and organize all your content in one place. It is all online so it won’t take up any space on your computer or tablet.


TinEye- With this extension you can see where a photo was taken from, so you can be sure nothing was used illegally. By clicking on the image, this app tells you all the other sites where this photo has been placed.


PicMonkey- This app lets you grab and screenshot, all images in one place. So all your images are together, making it easy to edit. It also has editing, cropping, collage making, and much more.


LiveShare- This extension allows you to easily share all your photos and content privately or publicly.


Webcam Toy- Capture pictures with your webcam with one of the 80 free effects, and easily share them on Facebook and Twitter.


Knowhow Cloud- Easily access all your photos and music from anywhere, with this great extension.


Befunky Photo Editor- You don’t need to have any photo editing experience with this app. It is super easy to use. You just click on the options and apply them!


Any other apps worth checking out? Let me know in the comments below!


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