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Musicians: Use These Sites to Showcase your Music

As a musician, you absolutely need to build an online portfolio that showcases all your work in one, organized online destination. Imagine how hard it is for people to try and find examples of your work scattered across the Internet.  Instead, they should be able to access all of your music in one destination that promotes your brand, your expertise, and who you are as a professional. This will make you more visible in search results and generate more opportunities.

Here are the web platforms--specifically for musicians--that will create the centralized web presence you need.

Get Seen and Heard

  1. SoundCloud
    SoundCloud is an audio platform that enables creators to upload, record, promote and share their originally-created sounds.
    Tip: SoundCloud monitors your stats, and for a premium account you can get details on who is listening to your music and from where.

  2. Bandcamp
    Bandcamp provides a professional home on the web for your music. It’s easy to use and offers unlimited storage.
    Tip: You can sell both your physical merchandise and your digital music from Bandcamp.

  3. targets your music to the listeners it knows will like it. The more listens you get, the more you are promoted.
    Tip: Your fans can add news, events, and photos to keep your artist page up to date.

  4. Squarespace
    Squarespace is an easy-to-use option for creating a more robust website and has templates specifically for musicians.
    Tip:  You can blog with it as well.

  5. - While not only for musicians, makes it easy for people to learn about you in one centralized web page.
    Tip: It offers detailed stats on who visited your page, what they clicked on, and where they came from.  

  6. Distribute to Popular Services
    TuneCore- TuneCore gets your songs into these music services like Google play, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Youtube, and more.

    CDBaby- CDBaby in record stores, on popular download and streaming sites (like iTunes, Amazon and Spotify), on YouTube, on your own website and Facebook page, and more.

    SongCast- a streamlined music distribution service to easily release music on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, AmazonMP3, Beats Music, Rhapsody, eMusic and MediaNet.


Be Where Your Audience and Prospective Clients Are
In addition to building your own unified web presence, it is equally important to be active on social media channels. Why?

  1. These platforms have millions upon millions of users combined. You cannot miss out on reaching them.
  2. The more present you are on social media, the more of a digital footprint you make, and the more discoverable you’ll be in search engine results.

  • Pinterest- A hugely popular visual discovery tool you can use to reach new audiences. Create Pinterest boards of your band photos, on the road, and your inspiration.
  • Youtube- Put your music on Youtube. You don’t need a fancy video- just a slide of who you are and how to contact you.
  • Instagram- The fastest growing social media site globally; don’t miss out. Upload your photos on a regular basis to keep your fanbase happy.
  • Flickr- People use Flickr to share and search for images. Share your photos under different licenses.


Remember, the more content you share across social media, the more you will surface in different types of search queries.


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Written by Rachel Solomon
Rachel is Content Crafter at WiseStamp and a journalist who loves sharing information that helps small businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers and all kinds of independent spirits. She believes that innovative, socially-driven business will save the world.
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