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5 Books You Need to Read When Starting a Music Business

You're awesome on the guitar, you've written some fantastic songs and now you're ready to share your music with the world.

Breaking into the music industry isn't easy but with the help of these 5 books you will learn everything you need to know about running a successful music business.


All You Need to Know About the Music Business by Donald S. Passman

Why you should read it:
Because it’s an essential reference book that will help you navigate your way in the music industry.


Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen

Why you should read it:
Even though it’s not only for musicians, it’ll help you manage your online presentation and relationships with fans.



Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook by Bob Baker

Why you should read it:
Because it’s a classic guide that will help your marketing efforts without spending a ton of money.



The Musician’s Business and Legal Guide by Mark Halloran

Why you should read it:
Because it’s a great legal guide and it has sample contracts.




Confessions of a Record Producer by Moses Avalon

Why you should read it:
Because the music industry isn’t always pretty, this book will tell you the story about how artists get cheated. It will also teach you to protect yourself.


These 5 books will give you the skills and knowledge that you need to build a successful music business.

Good luck on your exciting new music career!


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