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11 Chrome Extensions All Marketers Should Use

11 Chrome Extensions All Marketers Should Use

Marketing in the digital age means that you have to work faster, be more productive and communicate effectively and efficiently. But the juggling act isn’t always easy. If you’re using Chrome (and you should be!) there are amazingly useful extensions that can enhance its functionality, streamline your productivity and help you communicate more efficiently.

Genius Gmail Extensions:

  1. Rapportive



What you’ll love about it:

  •  shows LinkedIn profiles inside your Gmail
  •  allows for direct relationship management: you can check out a person's job, company, activity in certain apps, even physical location right after receiving an email from a person
  • Learn about your new contact instantaneously
  1. WiseStamp


What you’ll love about it:

  • Clean and professional looking email signature
  • Gain exposure to your website, YouTube video or social profile with every email you send
  1. Boomerang


What you’ll love about it:

  • write an email now and schedule it for later
  •  receive an email now and schedule to receive it again when you actually need to deal with it

What you’ll love about it:

  • allows you to schedule meetings from within Gmail
  • can pick empty slots from your calendar and offer those times to the person you're trying to meet to avoid endless back-and-forth attempts to schedule
  • sends notification straight to calendar when the person has picked and agreed to a time
  • has automatic time zone detection and conversion to minimize confusion
  1. AwayFind


What you’ll love about it:

  • on those rare occasions when you don't want to incessantly check your inbox for that one email you can't miss, you can set your emails to follow a specific contact or topic
  • when an email is received from that contact/on that topic, an SMS or voice alert will be sent to your phone instantly notifying you
  • you can set a time limit for these notifications
  • you can set an alert so that you'll never miss an email that was sent right before the meeting with all the updated information
  • allows you to deal only with truly top-priority mails at times where your wife/husband would otherwise kill you for dealing with minor issues
  1. HelloSign for Gmail


What you’ll love about it:

  • allows you to open, edit and sign documents straight from your Gmail inbox
  • as soon as the document is signed, it automatically loads as an attachment waiting to be sent
  • all signed documents are automatically backed up in your HelloSign account
  • security is at "bank level" for both storage and transit, with the added option of a two-factor authentication HelloSign Access Pin
  • you can send the same document to up to 20 people and receive real-time status notifications as each person signs the document

Super-useful Browsing Extensions:

  1. News Squares


What you’ll love about it:

  • feed reader organizer
  • fun and attractive way to consolidate all your preferred newsfeeds and blogs in one area
  • allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of multiple sites at a glance
  1. Quick Note


What you’ll love about it:

  • allows you to take notes or copy-paste highlighted parts of a webpage into a virtual notebook
  • with a premium account, you can search the contents of the notes you made using full-text searches, page URLs, tags and annotations
  • syncs to the cloud, allowing access over all google devices

Content sharing extensions:

  1. Social Analytics


What you’ll love about it:

  • shows social media interactions on the page you're browsing
  • can help you track at a glance the amount of social shares a post has received on a number of websites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others
  • enhances your ability to track the spread of your own content, or to spy on the competition
  1. Shareaholic


What you’ll love about it:

  • makes sharing, promoting and bookmarking your own content easy
  • includes an analytics dashboard that allows you to tailor and fine-tune content to your target audience
  • you can help generate traffic and even revenues with personalized ads or affiliate links
  1. Sniply 


What you’ll love about it:

  • lets you embed messages into every page you share
  • allows self-promotion through content sharing
  • the embedded content includes a link to the website of your choice, making your advertising work for you

Bonus Extension:

Awesome Screenshot


  • allows screen capture for all or part of any web page
  • you can then customize the picture by adding annotations and comments and even blur sensitive information
  • allows you to share the image you designed with your contacts with a simple one-click upload
  • images can be sorted and organized by project and can be  retrieved easy
  • you can store images forever


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Written by Liat Behr
Liat is a content wordsmith at WiseStamp and copywriter at Ink of Imagination. She delights in creating and sharing valuable tips and helping businesses craft effective content. When she’s not writing content, she can be found in the world of fiction, embarking on adventures with her characters.
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