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21 Favorite Tried and Tested Chrome Extensions for Copywriters

Favorite Tried and Tested Chrome Extensions

Being a copywriter is arguably the best job in the world. And as with every job it’s extremely important to  have the right tools at your fingertips in order to be more efficient, productive and effective (which will in turn make your work more enjoyable). One of the things that makes being a copywriter so wonderful is the community. At the suggestion of a friend and colleague, I joined the Facebook group Copywriter Café. Ever since, I’ve been receiving great tips and suggestions to help me advance my freelance copywriting business. Everybody has their favorite Chrome extensions and so I reached out to the wonderful members of the Copywriter Café community to ask them about theirs.  Based on the responses that I received, I've created this list of 21  tried and tested Chrome extensions for copywriters. I hope this list helps you discover some new favorites of your own!

1. Boomerang  is an extension that I use to schedule sending emails. I can write the email now, but send it later. Also, you know how sometimes you get an email but you don’t have the time to deal with it, or it’s not relevant now, but will be in two weeks? Using Boomerang you can get that email back into your inbox in two weeks (or when it’s relevant).


2. WiseStamp is my go-to email signature solution. Apart from making me look more professional, my email signature connects to my social media networks, so that anybody that I send an email to can follow me or connect with me right away. 


3. Draft is a nifty tool that turns a tab into a note board. You can use it for notes to yourself and things you don’t want to forget, or for calculations. I use Draft for my daily agenda. As I go through my to do list, I delete each item so that hopefully by the next day, I’ll be left with a clean tab to start over. If there was a task I didn’t finish, I’ll be reminded, the second I open a new tab.


4. Ed Estlow loves Evernote (so do I!). He uses it for filing information he finds on the web (research, reference, info, etc.) What’s so great about Evernote is that you can save an idea that comes to mind, a website or anything else, all in the same spot. With Evernote, you can put everything in the same place and then easily find it later because it’s searchable. evernote

5. Ed also recommends Google Hangouts. He uses it for video communication with clients and peers. Google Hangouts is also great for instant messaging and has SMS and VOIP. I recently added it as a Chrome extension and it immediately sent me notifications I hadn’t seen because my Gmail tab wasn’t open.


The following fantastic recommendations are made by Jane Neumiller-Bustad:

6. Screencastify is a simple video screen capture software for Chrome that is great for showing someone how to use a piece of software or to demo something online.  There are also some useful YouTube tutorials available, like this one from Lauren Newman. Screencastify2

7.  Print Friendly & PDF is one extension that has multiple functions. You can use it to remove ads, navigation and junk before you print, edit content before printing, including changing the size of your text. Jane uses it to convert webpages into PDF documents.


8. Ghostery - Ghostery shows you the companies that are tracking you when you visit a website. Jane says: I use ad blocking software, but this one opened my eyes. Websites track you all  over the web and this extension seems to put most of those trackers out of business

. Ghostery2  

9. Last Pass is a password manager that saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device. Jane emphasizes that “it’s really important to use a password generation tool, this is a pretty good one.” LastPass2

10. Bitly. Using Bitly you can instantly save, share and brand content straight from your browser. Jane says it “allows me to quickly create shortlinks to post on social media.”


11. Buffer - Buffer is fantastic. It’s a great way to efficiently and effectively post content to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Using the free Chrome extension, Jane creates two days of posts for social media. Buffer  

12. Pocket - Pocket is a great extension to save web pages that you want to come back to. You can also add tags to make those pages easier to find. Jane wishes Pocket had more flexibility but recommends it because “it does the job of saving pages to read later.”  I personally love pocket and the fact that I can add tags that will remind me what the page is about. Pocket_Chrome

13. Session Buddy - It’s a sad reality, but Chrome sometimes crashes. And when it does, all those tabs from your last session are lost forever. Session Buddy recovers those tabs if your system crashes and as well as consolidates links to help you avoid duplicate tabs. Jane calls this extension a “very handy life-saver.” Session_Buddy_Chrome

Amy Dresser suggested two extensions to help you with images:

14. Canva. I’m so happy Amy mentioned this one, because though I use Canva all the time, I didn’t realize it had a Chrome extension. If you’re not already using Canva for your images, your missing out on a free and fantastic tool that will make your life easier. Canva

15.  Pixlr Editor is a quick photo editor that works with Gimp, PaintShop Pro and Photoshop. Amy uses it for quick photo editing. And if you check out Amy’s blog, you’ll see amazing photographs and realize just why this extension is one of her essentials. Pixlrhome

16. Grammarly comes recommended by Dina Grajeda Giovale because it checks grammar and spelling on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumbler as well as other sites on the web. Dina says that she finds it helpful to have a second set of eyes check what I might have automatically corrected from reviewing so many times. grammarly

17. Barbara Chaney recommends OneTab because it’s an extension that will help you manage tab clutter by minimizing open tabs and saving them for later. It can also save a group of tabs for research.   OneTab2

The next three are great recommendations by RC Victorino:

18. Asana is a task management tool that is as much for simple to-do lists as it is for complex projects and workflows. RC says “I use Asana to make quick notes to my to do list."

. Asana2

19. Hootsuite is a powerful tool to manage your social media campaigns, engage with customers and collaborate internally. RC uses it as his social media manager.


20. Blipshot is a fast and simple way to take screenshots. RC uses Blipshot as a web designer, to show clients a JPG of the mockup he’s designing for a web page.


21. Sniply. To quote RC, Sniply is a freaking amazing free tool which allows you to add CTAs at the bottom of others' articles you promote, with those CTAs leading back to a page you want people to funnel to. Sniply

Alright, I know I said only 21.

But my Copywriter Café friend Jalmari Kivinen asked for a screenshot plugin that takes a picture of the entire page. At his request, I looked around and found: Full Page Screen Capture. While there are great tools and extensions to take a screenshot (see number 20), this easy-to-use extension will let you snap an image even of the parts of the page that don’t show up on the screen (the parts you need to scroll up or down to see). You just have to remember to save the screenshot you take, manually. Full_Page_Screen_Capture

I hope these extensions help make your work more fun and productive! What Chrome extensions do you use? Let me know in the comments section below.

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Written by Liat Behr
Liat is a content wordsmith at WiseStamp and copywriter at Ink of Imagination. She delights in creating and sharing valuable tips and helping businesses craft effective content. When she’s not writing content, she can be found in the world of fiction, embarking on adventures with her characters.
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