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9 Must-Read Blogs for Professional Copywriters

9 must-read blogs for professional copywriters

The ideal condition would be, I admit, that men should be right by instinct; But since we are all likely to go astray, the reasonable thing is  to learn from those who can teach.  -Sophocles

2500 years later Sophocles' words still hold true. And as a professional copywriter, one of the best things that you can do for your clients (and your career) is to keep honing your skills by learning from the best in the online writing industry - those who can teach you about the latest tips, trends and techniques.

A super-easy way to do this, since you're constantly short on time, is to follow the best copywriting blogs. (If you're just starting out, you should also read the best copywriting books to get you started (see 5 Best Copywriting Books).

To save you time, I've made a list of my personal favorite blogs, which have helped me learn a lot of great techniques, and kept me up to date with the latest developments and tools available.

Harrison Amy 


Amy Harrison is awesome. She provides great resources that are accessible and informative and will give you powerful tips that will help you create great content.  Through AmyTV, you’ll learn how powerful creativity can be used to generate fun, informative and actionable content.

Men with Pens

James Chartrand has a compelling story. But that's not the only reason you'll want to check out her blog. She'll give you creative and informative articles that provide great tips and techniques for both writers and entrepreneurs, or the writer-entrepreneur.

ABC Copywriting

You can learn what great copywriting is, just by looking at ABC Copywriting’s home page. In addition to learning about copywriting, you’ll get amazing insight into a slew of related subjects, such as branding, tone of voice, storytelling and more.

The Well-Fed Writer Blog


Peter Bowerman is a marketing genius who for the benefit of copywriters everywhere has set up a blog (as well as writing unbelievable books) to provide you with both strategy and tactics to turn copywriting into a profitable career. His insightful and honest tips will help kick your butt into making your copywriting business a success.



This is a great site with lots of information and wonderful resources. You’ll learn about  copywriting as well as content marketing. Be ready to download, read and learn tons of e-books and you can even do Copywriting 101, Copyblogger’s free online copywriting course.

Strat Talking


Whether you’re just starting out, or have been in the industry for ages, this winner of the 2014 National UK Blog Awards will provide you with awesome resources and practical insight that will help get your business off the ground. You’ll even find a freelance rate calculator that will help you make sure that you’re not overcharging, or perhaps more hazardously, undercharging.

The Rant


In his excellent posts, the legendary John Carlton teaches you what you need to know to become a terrific copywriter. His “Must Read Posts” on the sidebar (scroll down) are exactly that, but be prepared. As the name of the blog suggests, you’ll have to take it all in with a bit of ranting.  ;-)

Nick Usborne


Nick Usborne’s site provides great tips and insight into the niche of online copywriting. Winner of AWAI’s Copywriter of the Year Award 2014 for his impact in the field of online copywriting and for his active contribution to training and education of new copywriters, Nick’s  articles are straightforward and practical, lending  to their instant applicability.

Grammar Girl


Ok, so it’s not technically a website about copywriting. But if you’re copywriting you better clean up your act, or at least your grammar. Because apart from writing great copywriting content, you've got to make sure it’s all grammatically sound. Grammar Girl’s quick and dirty tips will help make sure you’re on top of your grammar game.

Additionally, if you have thoughts or questions about a post, don’t hesitate to reach out. Bloggers and site owners alike enjoy the attention and making a great comment or asking a useful question can inspire new posts or videos that you may even get some credit for. Plus, you never know who is reading and who will see your name.

We are always happy to discover other great writing blogs to follow, so please share. What's your favorite copywriting blog? 

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Written by Liat Behr
Liat is a content wordsmith at WiseStamp and copywriter at Ink of Imagination. She delights in creating and sharing valuable tips and helping businesses craft effective content. When she’s not writing content, she can be found in the world of fiction, embarking on adventures with her characters.
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