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8 Step Lead Generation Plan For Financial Brokers


As a financial broker, your job is to assist your clients in identifying their financial goals and to help them develop a financial plan. You’re dedicated to offering your clients the best loans and financial options to meet their needs and you’re there to support them while they make some of their biggest life decisions.

But if you’re just getting started, the majority of your time is probably spent on finding new clients, or, what is also known as generating leads.

Lead generation can take different forms and can be done both on and offline, though a combination of the two will give you the best results.

Online Lead Generation


These days every business has a website, and if you don’t then you should. Having a website gives you an online presence and the assurance of legitimacy. Many financial brokers find that even people that are referred to them, will first look them up online before picking up the phone.

A website can also be used to educate potential clients by providing relevant information that will help them learn about the benefits of the services that you provide while keeping them engaged.

And make sure to have an easy-to-access contact form on your website for visitor to fill out with their contact details so that you can follow up with them, and hopefully convert them into new clients.

Social media:

The Ultimate Social Media Guide for Marketers

As a financial broker, social media provides you with the opportunity to reach out and personally communicate with your target audience. It’s also a great way for you to share some of that valuable content on your website, which will, in turn, bring potential clients to your website, where they will learn about you and the service you can provide them with.

Here are few easy ways to get started:

  • Create for yourself accounts on Linkedin and Twitter as well as a Facebook page for your business.
  • Use your social media account to follow other financial brokers that have something interesting to say. Engage in conversations and offer your own thoughts and suggestions. On Linkedin you can also join relevant groups and show your expertise by participating in discussions. On Twitter you can use hashtags like #brokers or #financialplanning to hone in on relevant discussions.


Financial planning on Twitter

  • Share top-notch content with prospective clients and other industry professionals. These should be articles from your own website or blog as well as from other websites.


Online advertising:

 Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads offer target advertising plans that can suit the budgets of small businesses. Often they are based on a cost per click business model.

google_ad_words google ad2google ad2google ad2google ad2google ad2google ad2With Google Adwords you can target search words, geographic location and the language of your target audience while Facebook Ads can make sure you reach the right audience by targeting age, gender, and/or specific pages that your target audience liked. By advertising on LinkedIn Ads you’ll be able to tailor advertising to a specific job title, industry and company size, seniority, age, gender or by the particular LinkedIn groups your target audience belongs to.

Your advertising possibilities are endless. Think about your ideal client, your target prospects and your budget. Advertise.

Email Marketing:

 You’re probably already familiar with how email works but did you know that it’s also a very effective tool for marketing and lead generation?

Newsletters and email blasts are a great way to stay in touch with client and develop a rappaport with prospects. You can send out regular emails with information about important financial news or updates on new articles on your website. An email service like MailChimp will make designing and sending out groups emails a snap.


Each individual email that you send is also an opportunity to generate leads and promote your services. That's why it's important to have a fully-optimized signature at the bottom of your emails.

Use WiseStamp to design an attractive and professional signature that includes your contact details along with links to social media accounts, recent blog articles and any other information that you may want to share.


Offline lead generation

While the internet offers some fantastic opportunities to  connect with your target audience, you don’t want to neglect the traditional, time-honored methods that are still being used by successful financial brokers. Find ways to build relationships, put yourself in front of potential clients and to get current clients to refer you to their friends.

  • Build relationships with other professionals by partnering with local firms, colleges, real estate agencies, recruiters and life coaches. Offer to host monthly financial workshops or plan fun social activities for different niche groups, that integrate discussions about finance and investing.


  • Approach small businesses and offer to provide their staff with a free lunch and a short session on investing and finance, which will help generate new leads and get you known as an “expert” in your field.


8 Step Action Plan:                                                                      

  1. Open a Twitter account, LinkedIn account and Facebook page for your business,
  2. Join relevant LinkedIn groups and Facebook pages.
  3. Start sending out tweets on Twitter and begin following some of your current clients.
  4. Start engaging by sharing top-notch content with prospects and clients.
  5. Follow some good financial blogs, like Barry Ritholtz’s The Big Picture and Michael Shedlock ‘s Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis.
  6. Formulate a newsletter to send to your contact list.
  7. Advertise with GoogleAdwords, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads.
  8. Come up with some ideas for events that you can run to attract potential prospects and reconnect with current clients.


Suggested Services:

  1. Act! is an easy to navigate customer management system designed to make you more efficient and profitable. It will help make following up on your new client relationships easy.
  2. HootSuite is a social media management system that will help you manage and keep track of the networks that you join.
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Written by Simcha Lazarus
Simcha is WiseStamp's Content and Community Coordinator. She is a social media enthusiast who loves teaching people how to grow their business online.
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