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The Simplest Ways to Grow Your Blog’s E-mail Subscribers


At Cave Social, we're always trying to think of new ways to grow our e-mail subscriber list. We value e-mail marketing highly - it’s a great way to connect with individuals who are interested enough in our company to subscribe to a bi-monthly newsletter.

More than this, growing your blog's e-mail subscribers doesn't have to be a full time job. In fact, with a few simple changes, it can pretty much run itself. This does not mean you should not test and experiment with new ways to capture subscribers, but it does mean that if you setup your website and blog properly, you can expect big dividends with minimal attention.

We've experimented with dozens of good (and bad) ideas to get more subscribers. Here are a few of the more successful tactics we've used:

Gate successful content

If you have a piece of content that’s out performing all others on you blog, you should seriously consider gating the article. We've used this tactic to grow e-mail lists for ourselves and our clients alike. Be sure to identify your audience - If you’re a B2B company, gate an article that will interest the majority of the businesses that visit your website. If you’re a B2C company, gate an article that gives real value to your customer base. We highly recommend List Builder from SumoMe as a way to gate your content.


Add pop-ups

When setup correctly, pop-ups will grow your subscriber base with little effort. Add a pop up box like Scroll Box to your homepage, and set it to display when visitors get past a certain section (usually near the bottom) of your home page. Set the pop up to only display once per month to visitors to be non-intrusive. After all it’s still a pop up, and you don’t want to over-do it.


Use a static header with a call to action

Hello Bar allows you to display a message at the top of your webpage, with a contact form attached to grow your e-mail list. While it can take away from the overall feel of your website, it is a great way to grow your list.


Run giveaways

If you have something to give to your audience, you can leverage your generosity to collect e-mail subscribers with ease using KingSumo Giveaways. For about $200 you can run unlimited giveaways, a small fee that can result in a major subscriber boost.


Ask social followers to subscribe

When scheduling your social media for the week, be sure to add a few direct calls to action. Ask your follower base to subscribe at least a few times per week on Twitter, and monthly on Facebook.

Build landing pages specific to your audience

If you’re trying to add subscribers to a specific list, building a landing page can be a great way to show you’re industry insight. We’ve done this for the real estate, travel, and hospitality industries specifically. Unbounce Pages are a great way to promote yourself to a more targeted audience.


Add a subscribe button to e-mail signatures

This takes only a few minutes and can really help grow your subscriber base. If you’re interacting with people via e-mail, they’re much more likely to subscribe to your newsletter based on the personal connection. We’ve used WiseStamp to add a call to action in all of our employee’s e-mail signatures.

wisestamp screenshot

While all of these tactics have helped grow our current list, in my opinion the most interesting tactic we've implemented has also been the simplest. If you're looking for low hanging fruit, keep reading.

Before I reveal the strategy, ask yourself one question.

Where exactly on your blog are you asking your readers to subscribe?

For the vast majority, the answer will be on the sidebar. This is where we saw room for experimentation/improvement.

Think about it. When you advertise on Facebook, why does it cost so much more money to be displayed in the NewsFeed as opposed to on the sidebar? It's because people are accustomed to reading down the center of the page, and ignoring the clutter of the sidebar and footer. The same holds true for your blog.


If you're serious about growing your subscriber list (which you should be), move your "subscribe now" buttons and forms right into the middle of your blog posts. We've done this not only for ourselves at Cave Social but also for several of our clients, and the results have been fantastic. We've been able to capture three times as many new e-mail subscribers just by moving the placement of our form.

Not bad for a 2 minute fix.

Have you tried the tactics above? What has helped you grow your blog subscribers?

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