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7 Top Bloggers Share Their Must Listen To Podcasts


Favorite Podcasts Recommended by Top Bloggers

Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow. - William Pollard

As a blogger, you spend so much time researching, writing and growing your readership that it can be hard to find the time to learn new things. But top bloggers are where they are precisely because they’re constantly learning, working smarter, picking up hacks and that latest tools, and perhaps most importantly, they’re learning from the experience of others.

For this post, I reached out to top bloggers and asked them what their favorite podcasts are and why. 

Here's a list of favorite podcasts recommended by top bloggers: 

Ann Handley, Content Marketing Keynote Speaker:

“It has to be the Marketing Smarts podcast, published by MarketingProfs. Naming it might be considered self-serving except for that I have nothing to do with it — it’s managed, produced and hosted by the awesome Kerry O'Shea Gorgone. Kerry has an easy, conversational style that puts her guests at easy. Every week is different, but it’s always a fascinating conversation about marketing, with an extra dose of smarts! One of my favorites was an interview she did with Bar Rescue’s John Taffer, it’s an insightful conversation about how every customer touchpoint is a kind of marketing. I completely agree with him when says, 'we don’t market; we create customer experiences.'”

Donna Moritz, Social Media Strategist:

“I listen to a number of podcasts religiously but to narrow it down my favourite, it would have to be Amy Porterfield's Online Marketing Made Easy podcast.  Amy literally flips the lid on her business and shares what is working and not working with digital marketing and social media. She shares how to make sales online through lead generation and list building, how to attract raving fans with your content and how to launch and promote webinars and online programs.  Amy breaks it all down into an easy to follow format - complete with cheat sheets and downloads to use after the show.  Listening to her podcast has literally made me money!  I never miss an episode, and I can often be found with Amy's wisdom playing in my headphones while walking on the beach!  

Sue Anne Dunlevie, Blogging Coach :

One of the best podcasts I listen to is Tara Gentile's "Profit. Power. Pursuit.". She has wonderful guests, like Michael Port, Danielle Laporte and Laura Roeder, to name a few. Plus, Tara is brilliant at marketing - I also belong to The Lab, her one-stop-shop for business-building resources, community and quick feedback.”https://wisestamp email signature example

wisestamp email signature example

Neil Patel, Influencer:

I love the Startup Chat. It's a podcast about everything startup related and it's by 2 guys who have a ton of experience on product, sales, marketing, engineering, etc. Every time I listen to it I learn at least 1 new thing.”

Kristi Hines, Freelance Writer:

“I recommend The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes. He gets the most inspirational advice from the top business minds, athletes, and celebrities to help listeners achieve greatness.”

Dave Kerpen, CEO Likeable Local:

the James Altucher Show is Dave’s favorite podcast “because he has great guests, asks great questions, and is a terrific storyteller.”

Robert Tyson, Editor of the Tyson Report:

I listen to lots of podcasts but the one I always keep coming back to is Rob Walling and Mike Taber's Startups For The Rest Of Us. The guys always tackle useful topics, keep the show moving along at a lick. It's good advice from people who are actually doing it, and I like hearing how their businesses are progressing at the start of every show too.

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, which have helped you with your blog? 

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Written by Liat Behr
Liat is a content wordsmith at WiseStamp and copywriter at Ink of Imagination. She delights in creating and sharing valuable tips and helping businesses craft effective content. When she’s not writing content, she can be found in the world of fiction, embarking on adventures with her characters.
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