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17 Essential Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

17 Essential Chrome Extensions for bloggers

As an avid internet user, but new to the blogging world, I am in search for the most useful plugins and extensions to declutter my life and make email use quicker and more efficient. I came across many chrome extensions that brilliantly improve the email experience.

The following is a list of the 17 essential chrome extensions that every blogger should know and use:

Sniply – Drive Conversion Through Content-  Sniply allows you to place a custom message onto any piece of content. This creates an opportunity for you to include a button linking back to your website.


Hola Better Internet – Access websites from around the world with this great Chrome app.

hola_better_internet URL Shortener- Shorten links for cleaner posts on social media sights.


Media Hint- MediaHint unblocks videos, music, social media, news & sports that are not available in your location.



MightyText – SMS Text Messaging ⟷ Computer- Send texts directly from your computer.


WiseStamp – Email Signatures for Gmail- Brand your emails with your photo, image, social media links or your blog.


Search by Image (by Google)- find the perfect image you need, right in your inbox.

Take a break from work and: Streamus- stream music straight from chrome.streamus

Pin It Button- the chrome app for sharing with Pinterest.


Social Analytics- Shows you social media interactions on the page you are on.


Share As Image Extension- this extension designs amazing social media images and share in seconds.

share as image

Merge PDF – Edit and merge PDFs directly from your Gmail.


Rapportive- Get all of your email contacts information directly from LinkedIn.


AwayFind- You get a call or text when you receive a specific email, that way you don’t need to constantly check if you received that important email you need.

away find

Hangouts- When you can easily watch a posted live video stream straight from your browser.


Save to Google Drive- easily access your google drive from within your email.

Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail (Staging)- Easily convert your emails to lists.


Have any more extensions worth checking out? Drop a comment below!

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