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13 Blogs All Bloggers Should Follow


Are you new to blogging? Or an old timer that needs some inspiration and tips? Check out these amazing blogs that all bloggers should be following!

HubSpot- Hubspot is an industry leader in Inbound Marketing Software.  Their easy to use set of applications, make it easy for users to navigate their site and gain useful information.  HubSpot is a treasure trove of tips on promoting your blog or business  so users keep coming back for more.


Buffer- Buffer is a social scheduling tool that helps create traffic, increase fans, and save you time. This site has really useful, great tips to help make your blog successful! They provide a ton of useful blogging tips, resources, and tools to double your traffic.


Successful Blogging- Successful Blogging is devoted to helping bloggers  make money so they can do what they love while working at home. Are you just starting out? This killer blog, gives step by step instructions on how to create a strong engaging blog. And guides you through the entire blogging process from choosing photos for your blog, to making a profit off of it!


CopyBlogger-Blogging is tough and can be draining at times but this blog gives you the tools you need to keep your blog fresh and up to date so readers  are hungry for more. Their goal is to help you craft valuable content that will attract readers and build traffic.


WP Lighthouse-With over 50 links packed with advice from other successful blogs, you are sure to find some helpful resources for boosting your own blog and doubling your traffic to your page. It also provides great blogging communities to join, which is a great place to make connections! They specialize in working with beginners and long time bloggers that need more help.


Wealthy Gorilla- Another great page for blogging advice. Learn to be more effective and even make money for blogging here!


Dear Blogger- Just starting out? This link gives you great places to begin writing your first blog or just to find advice or inspiration. This blog discusses hot topics and is riddled with tips and advice.Check out this blog if you need even a little bit of help!


Daily Blog Tips- Hundreds of links to helpful tips for keeping  every aspect of your blog updated. They focus on helping you build your business and making you money.


Sparring Mind- On this blog  there are weekly essays on start-ups, creativity, and doing better work. Blogging is not just an outlet for talking about social media and marketing. See this list for top successful blogs in every topic imaginable!


Daily Tekk- Need inspiration for your blog, or just some interesting blogs to flip through? This is a great list of blogs in every area! Their new YouTube channel makes following their content that much more engaging.


Social Media Examiner- Just starting your blog? Have a blog but need help managing it? This link has everything you need to know for it to be a success! With this blog you will learn how to best use social media, blogs and podcasts to connect with customers, drive traffic, create awareness and increase sales.


Goins, Writer- Need some tips for blogging? Check out this great list of helpful tips on how to make money and even get published, for beginners and old timers!


Hongkiat- Love blogging? Want to start getting payed for it? Check out this list of sites that will pay you to post!


Which blogs do you recommend to other bloggers? Let us know below!

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